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Sheikh Zayed Festival showcases “A Story of A Nation” drone show...

Sheikh Zayed Festival showcases “A Story of A Nation” drone show

Magnificent fireworks shows and hundreds of activities began on December first and continue on Thursday and Friday

Abu Dhabi, UAE – -02 December 2021: The Sheikh Zayed Festival attracted a huge crowd for the 50th National Day Celebrations that started on December 1st at the Sheikh Zayed Festival. The various activities reflect the UAE milestones and national pride since the establishment of the United Arab Emirates until becoming one of the most prominent and advanced countries in many fields.

Among the most major activities held by the Festival is the enormous fireworks display which was attended by large numbers of visitors and will continue ever evening until the 3rd of December. The outstanding drone show, “A Story of a Nation”, which reflects the  unity of the UAE since its establishment  by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, and the founding fathers, starts today December 2nd and runs until December 3rd.

Visitors were greeted at the main gates of the Festival by children wearing the Emirati dress with flowers and UAE’s flags to express their pride on this happy national occasion.

Participating countries at the Festival celebrated the 50th National Day with an International Civilizations parade that marched around the Festival arena emphasizing the friendship and brotherhood that binds the UAE and the world.

The Emirates Fountain presented unique performances combining water and laser beams in the colors of the UAE flag and showcased stories and videos that mirrored the union and development witnessed by the UAE, along with quotes and conversations from the founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, detailing his insightful vision in building the people, the nation and its society.

The Festival grounds also saw a range of fun folkloric performances that reflected the culture and heritage of the UAE and the participating pavilions at the Festival, including the Abu Dhabi Police Heritage Musical Band and the traditional Ayala dance, as well as various musical performances and folklore shows from the participating countries.